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Why Electric Cars Are Not The Answer

Electric cars are gaining prevalence on the roads throughout the world. Check out this video to find out why they are not the answer, without even knowing the question.

In the video I mentioned a letter. If you would like to see THR work with Tesla on a complete off the grid system, it is going to take more than me incessantly writing them. It is going to take a bunch of you. If you have the time maybe you could craft your own letter? If not, you can use the one below. Either way, please send them to:

“Dear Tesla,
I am a fan of the YouTube channel Tin Hat Ranch. The Tin Hat Ranch has covered solar power extensively and has the number one video for off grid solar power on YouTube. I would ask that you consider working with them on your upcoming Solar Roof so the Tin Hat Ranch can help us understand how your product works and how it can be helpful to humanity.

Your Name?”
The off grid solar video mentioned in this video, click here.

Oh, and, um, Patreon.

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