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What Makes A Lock High Security? The Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt


In the second part of the “How To Harden Doors” series (missed the first part?), we take a look at the Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt. There are many different locks, from many different manufacturer’s, at many different price ranges. The Mul-T-Lock employs just about every security measure possible and we contrast these to what you might find in lesser expensive locks.

In this video we talked about a number of things-
Security 101
How To Harden Doors with Door Armor
Mul-T-Lock Dealer Contact Form
Buy a Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt Online(I haven’t done this, can’t comment on the experience).

A very special thanks to Kel over at Roger and Son’s Locksmith for going over the ins and outs of the Mul-T-Lock Hurcular Deadbolt. If you are in Northwest Indiana and are looking for a good locksmith, check them out HERE.


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