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Tin Hat Ranch to return in 2019

That’s right folks, after an absence of almost a year, the Tin Hat Ranch is gearing up for 2019. Returning to the Ranch is something I’ve struggled with since the beginning of 2018. A LOT of time was spent researching, writing, and shooting the BIG DATA series…and before I complain, let me thank the loyal viewers who watched. That is YOU reading this right now. Other than you, nobody watched. Either YouTube changed something or maybe I’d lost the knack to create interesting videos, or the subject matter just wasn’t that interesting. To me, I don’t know how people wouldn’t be interested in finding out how their lives would fundamentally change, but that’s just me I guess.

Still, I enjoyed making the series, I enjoy making videos. I’m going to press forward. Besides, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into this channel to bring you the best that I can from the standpoint of my abilities and the technical abilities available to me. Frankly, from a YouTube creator’s standpoint, I enjoy the fact that I help people, their reactions, comments, and especially folks that follow along with the projects (solar, radio, bug out vehicle, etc…).

Be forewarned, though, there are going to be a bunch of changes. If this channel is ever going to enjoy true success some tweaks have to be made.

First, YouTube requires consistent uploads. In the times I was able to comply, the channel was a rising star, when I couldn’t, it was stagnant or waning. For this reason alone, I am going to have to write, shoot, and produce a bunch of videos before the first release. It might be as many as 26…because that is how many would get me through six months of consistent release on a weekly basis, or 13 weeks bi-weekly. I frankly don’t know how long that will take, hopefully less than six months.

Second, many of you know the Tin Hat Ranch as a channel in the emergency preparedness niche. There have been countless times I’ve wanted to make videos on other subjects but didn’t, because they didn’t follow the channel formula. In my opinion, this stagnates creativity. I don’t always have ideas in Emergency Preparedness that people would watch. I do, however, feel that I have years worth of ideas in other genres when combining EP and other subjects. From this point forward I am going to make videos on whatever subjects and interests come to mind. From here forward, the videos will be on all sorts of subjects. I won’t abandon the topics you’ve become accustom to, and I’m sure a lot of you will view these videos when they show up in your feed.

Lastly, I’d appreciate your comments on what you would like to see, both in emergency preparedness and other genres. What are you interested in seeing? What other types of videos do you watch? It would be great if you could reply. You can email me directly at mikek@tinhatranch.com, leave a comment below, or you can hop on over to this facebook post to let me know.

I look forward to being with all of you in 2019!

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  1. Larry Norris Jr

    Enjoyed the BOV series as I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport.

    How about a Follow up on the BOV, how it is doing, any new additions/subtractions/recommendations?

    Good to hear you’ll be putting up more content too!



  2. Stan

    Good to see you back on line. I look forward to viewing your videos and comments. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wes41

    Looking forward to you informative and entertaining videos. They are very useful and appreciated. Welcome Back!

  4. Warren P Weber

    Glad to hear you will be making more videos. I do enjoy the preparedness type stuff but watch everything from the THR. Ham Radio and emergency communications is uppermost on the agenda for me. Currently working on winlink for non internet email via 2 meter and hf when possible.

  5. Clare Burke

    Hello Mike, At this time i have switched over to watching more Homesteading videos, but hey isn’t prepping and homesteading one in the same. I am looking forward to watching your videos again, because they have always be informative and educational. Thanks for coming back.

    Clare Burke

  6. Todd Jones

    A children’s series featuring Short Hairs!

  7. Duug

    I am a patreon donor and was wondering about the slow down at the Tin Hat Ranch.
    I have installed solar, have a greenhouse, raise chickens, rabbits, ducks, and formerly pigs.
    I am also a HAM radio operator, electrical engineer, and do home automation for our homestead.
    I am a life member of NRA and reload. I just started 3D printing. I enjoy video editing and software design and electronic design.

    So, what would I be interested in seeing in your articles? I bet you can guess from the above. Also, something on network security like VPN, Tor, and that sort of thing, if you are into that.

    I appreciate the great job you have done in your videos. You teach well.

  8. JoyceP

    I really like all your videos. I would like to see more about ham radio, e.g., how you grounded your station.

  9. Unconstraints Tusks

    Updates on the vehicle, solar, and chickens would be cool. Have you made any improvements/changes to the ultimate bug out vehicle now that you have used it for some time?

  10. hujonwi

    Great news! Keep up the great work!

  11. Christopher

    Hello Mike; Welcome back Happy New Year. Please continue to do what makes you happy I have found your presentations educational as well as inspiring.

    When you did the series with the Jeep Cherokee XJ that really sealed the deal for me.

    Thank you.

  12. S. Hutchison


    I certainly enjoy hearing from you.

    I agree with your comments and opinions regarding the rise of the machines.

    Data Collection is a real threat to people but they don’t seem to understand the risks and the consequences.

    Thank you for all the hard work, you’re doing a great job!


  13. Shane Hutchison


    Glad to get your e-mails.

    I thoroughly agree with your “Rise of the Machines and data collection.

    People have to realize what a threat Data Collection is to their personal security.


  14. Scott Cartwright

    Hey Mike. Glad to see a return. It’s up to you what content you have. I enjoy all of it because you not only explain it very clearly you teach me how to do it myself. I have allot of your information now running on my farm. From watching weather satellites and aircraft to a large solar installation. Couldn’t have done it without your help and knowledge. Keep it up.

  15. Bill

    Your videos and articles are among the best. I will continue watching and enjoy your new productions also.

  16. Morgan

    Finally decided to pursue my lifelong fascination with Ham radio. Tinhatranch is the best source on the subject I’ve found.

  17. Dave


    I am happy that Tin Hat Ranch will be back. Ever since the last video of BIG DATA series I have checked YouTube for more Tin Hat Ranch videos.
    My wife would say why do you keep checking? Tin Hat Ranch is DOA, it will not be coming back. I told her I am confident Tin Hat Ranch will be back and I was right.



  18. Joshua

    Hey Thanks for making the great videos and we are your neighbor to the West… Wisconsin.

    We have a homestead and preparing is our goal as well. We love to chat with you one on one more if you can. I enjoyed everything you put out and had more questions on the solar setups.

    Thank you Again

  19. Tera Norris

    Mike love your YouTube’s channel hope hear from you more have new questions just one about solar panels there is new one combing out are they better than old one ??????
    Hope we talk or see you on videos
    Thanks Tera Norris

    P.S love your voice

  20. Todd C Creswell

    I have watched all your videos and appreciate your take on all subjects and look forward to tour return.

  21. Sandra

    Hey Mike, good to see you again.

    Both fb and YouTube were messing with pages. I wasn’t getting any notifications.

  22. Prepbrothers

    Looking forward to ya coming back!

  23. Jordan Kuznia

    I just discovered your channel while learning about Amateur Rado, and I love your work! I’m still just starting to explore your videos, but I’m glad to see you’re making more!

  24. SA

    Good to see you back. I love hearing your product reviews. I would like to hear more of them and more how to instructions. I trust your information. Thank you

  25. Derrick

    Looking forward to the new videos! All the best!

  26. Anonymous

    we have solar because of your “Your videos”

  27. Jerry

    Recently came across your Chanel, big data series is what got me subscribed. Great info and presentation. It is my believe if you could get some effective marketing of your material your channel would be a hit. Some people are natural fit for this, you are one of those people

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