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The Ultimate Guide To DIY Off Grid Solar Power Complete


DIY Solar power may seem like a daunting task.  Fear not, this video WILL set you on the right path.  We start by unraveling the mystery of off-grid solar power and teach you the basics, how to understand and think about your system.  From there, we show you how to access and size the proper system for an off grid back-up or full time off grid system.  Once you’ve got that squared away, we talk all about batteries.  Of all the components, batteries are probably the most misunderstood.  There are some nuances in solar power that you must be aware of; this video will set you straight on where to mount and how to wire your panels for the best efficiency.  Speaking of efficiency, do you know the difference between an MPPT and PWM solar charge controller?  Just watch the video.  Often the most overlooked component of any off grid system is safety, and for that we’ve got you covered as well.  Finally, we finish up talking about living with your new system.  There are LOTS of links in the video to the components used, schematics, and further information, you can find them all HERE.


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