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Optimizing GMRS Communications- The Midland MicroMobile MTX 100

Midland Micromobile540

GMRS or General Mobile Radio Service is one of the tools available to us for communications. In this video we talk about how you can make the most out of GMRS.  One of the best radios for the task is the Midland MicroMobile.  The MicroMobile offers a few key features not found in other commercial GMRS radios that allow you to optimize how you communicate.  While we’ve built our radio into the “Ham-O-Can”, this radio is an excellent choice for GMRS communications permanently mounted in a car or ATV, or permanently mounted as a base station in your home or RV.


In this video we talk about:

The Midland MicroMobile
The key to maximizing portable communications is the N9TAX Slim Jim Antenna (NOTE: They also offer great 2M and 70CM antennas)
We also talk to the Midland GXT1000’s
We repeatedly mention the “Ham-O-Can”. Learn to build your own here.
New to radio? Start with the HAM 101 video

*About licensing- I’m an advocate of amateur radio licensing, because a typical VHF/UHF radio can be a dangerous tool in the hands of an ignorant operator. While I am sure you can cause some issues with GMRS, the FCC has manufacturers locked down. I feel that at this point, the GMRS license is unnecessary and just a bit of extortion on the part of the Feds.


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