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How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle- What Is A Bug Out Vehicle?


What is a bug out vehicle? Let’s face it, search for information on bug out vehicles. What you will find is crap.   Lots of folks out there want to know the how/what/when/where’s of creating their own bug out vehicle. You found the right place. Welcome to the Tin Hat Ranch’s series on how to build the ultimate bug out vehicle. If you want to build a bug out bag with a motor, then look no further. In the first part of the series we take a look at the role of the bug out vehicle and tell you a little on how this series will transpire.  In this series we will show you how to take an average everyday vehicle and turn it into a home away from home that can get you away from the effects of a disaster.  Whether that is to a bug out location, or just away from a flood, fire, earthquake affected area.  In typical Tin Hat Ranch fashion, we not only tell you what you can do, but how all of the systems work together. Remember, this isn’t about any particular vehicle, it is about learning and applying the concepts.  Here’s the first part in the How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle series:

In the video we talked about a downloadable guide.   That guide is almost complete and will be found here, so check back as we post videos.

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