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Guerrilla Communications War

Guerrilla Communications War Broadcast TV, Cable, Satellite,  the Internet, and Radio; those who control it, control the populace.  On November 22nd, 1987, a broadcast hacker broke into a commercial TV broadcast signal in Chicago, not once, but twice, on two different stations in the same night.  Donning a “Max Headroom” mask, the hacker made two …

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Welcome To The Ranch!

What is the Tin Hat Ranch?  Well, we are just a group of average preppers, gambling on living the American Dream.  Today’s times are tough, but as long as we are still free we want to make a go at it.  That is why we are giving away a Polaris Ranger; we want you to …

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How To Program The Baofeng UV-5R For Survival Communications

So you’ve got your Baofeng UV-5R and you want to program it. Look no further. Learn here how to program it using the front panel or using Chirp Software. Don’t have one? There are a couple of different flavors of basically the same radio ranging from $29 to $45, check theme out in the links …

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Is It Time To Ditch The Cell Phone?

For those of you who are regular visitors to the Tin Hat Ranch you know I don’t stray off into current events or politics too often.  Every once and a while I notice something going on that I feel we can all learn from.  Today’s world lesson comes to us from the Ukraine.  As you …

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Take the HAM Technician’s License Mini-Quiz

The Mini-HAM Technician Test [WpProQuiz 1]        

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Geekpreppers- Ham Radio 101: Repeaters

It looks like we’ve started something here in the prepper community with our Survival Communications HAM radio series.  Geekprepper.org has begun both a Baofeng and Ham Radio 101 series.  Here is an article he has on repeaters: HAM RADIO 101: REPEATERS

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How YOU Can Use HAM Radio In Emergencies

How YOU Can Use HAM Radio In Emergencies If you have been keeping up with the Tin Hat Ranch’s Ham radio articles you will already know what to expect from your license test, where and how to take it, and you’ll have a good basis for how the radio spectrum functions.  That is all well …

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HAM Test Overachievers- Getting The MOST Band For Your Buck

So you havve decided to take your HAM radio technician’s exam, you’ve scheduled your test and you have begun studying.  In the course of studying some of you with an electronics background might find parts of the test rather easy.  If this is you or you are extra ambitious you may consider taking both your …

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Preppers- The MOST Important Thing To Know About HAM Radio

We are finally getting down to the nuts and the bolts in our survival communications series.  If you missed the first three parts, the links are at the end of this article. I sat down with a half a dozen other HAM’s today to discuss the subject of what to teach people interested in both …

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Survival Communications- More Resources For Passing Your HAM Technician Test

In previous articles we told laid the groundwork for what it takes to become a HAM and how to set goals and schedule your test.  Once this ball is in motion the next step is to find the resources to locate the necessary information for passing your test.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t want …

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