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Guerrilla Communications War

Guerrilla Communications War Broadcast TV, Cable, Satellite,  the Internet, and Radio; those who control it, control the populace.  On November 22nd, 1987, a broadcast hacker broke into a commercial TV broadcast signal in Chicago, not once, but twice, on two different stations in the same night.  Donning a “Max Headroom” mask, the hacker made two …

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Evacuation Checklist

By Effective Tactics, this article originally appeared on their blog.  Head over to their Facebook page and give them a like! EVACUATION Step 1 Get out of Dodge The faster you can get out, the better your chances of making it. Roads will quickly become congested. Decide how much time you have to get rolling …

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EMP: Sensible Preparation

EMP’s pose a serious threat to continuity of life, estimates vary, but some opinions feel that just one nuclear weapon detonated high above the central plains of the US can knock out the electrical grid for the entire country.  Fortunately there are some simple, sensible ways for you to prepare.  Check out this article from …

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Bug Out Bag Challenge- What’s in the Bag? Part 2

Yesterday we shared what we would be bringing on our Budget Bug Out Bag Challenge as far as shelter, water, and food.  Today we will take a look at what rounds out the bag. FIRE We generally try to have redundancies for everything and fire is no exception.  The first thing on the list would …

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Budget Bug Out Bag Challenge- The Bag and Shelter

Times are tough, there is no question about it.  I hear this from friends of the Tin Hat Ranch everyday and experience it personally.    In addition to all of the facets of prepping, “bugging out” is one of the categories for which we need to prepare.  I personally feel that this part of preparation …

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Getting Out of Dodge in SHTF with Google Maps

By Mr. O Getting Out of Dodge in SHTF with Google Maps In most SHTF scenarios, urban areas are not the place you want to be. Remember Hurricane Katrina or the riots around Rodney King? These incidents have shown the inability of law enforcement and the military to keep or quickly restore order. It has …

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ATF Raids Marine’s Legal Business Against Restraining Order

  Has it really come down to this, the ATF raiding a perfectly legal business because they feel it shouldn’t be legal? Ares Armor makes legal 80% lower receivers for the AR-15 platform.  What this means is they take a block of aluminum or polymer and machine until it is considered a 80% complete firearm by …

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5 SHTF Firearms for Preppers

        5 SHTF Firearms for Preppers Guns are tools that are defined by the ammunition which they fire.  To complete a particular job you need the proper tool, guns and ammo are no different.  Sure, you might be able to loosen a bolt with a hammer but wouldn’t a wrench work better?  …

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5 Prepping Mistakes to Avoid

  Too often preppers will focus too much on one specific area, leaving others woefully insufficient.  It can be akin to rocketing off on a trip to Mars and forgetting the oxygen.  I myself fight the urge constantly to buy the latest “cool” gear.  It might be useful, but I probably already have three other …

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Dueling Giveaways!! Polaris Ranger Crew Diesel and The Rule of Three’s Giveaways

Well, you’ve found us!  We are a new page dedicated to emergency preparedness, survival,  homesteading and all of the gear and gadgets that go along with it.  You probably found us because we are giving away a Polaris Ranger Crew Diesel, but we hope you are interested in the aforementioned subjects.  We are looking for …

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