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SNEAK PEEK: THR Renogy 400 Watt Solar System Schematic



More Good News!!1 Parts 1 through 6 of the series have launched!  START HERE

If you have been following the Tin Hat Ranch for sometime you may have noticed a lull in activity recently.  Sometimes you have to take a moment to stop and retool.  In our case, retooling involved lots of new projects.  One of them was the install of a Renogy 400 Watt Premium Solar kit.  We’ve taken the Tin Hat Ranch off the grid!  Not only will all videos and content be produced via solar power, but it would be disingenuous to promote grid down projects that are plugged into the wall (SHTF information, weather forecasting, communications, charging small devices, power tools, etc..)


systemProduction is proceeding on the solar videos, we hope to answer EVERY question you might have regarding solar power.  Our aim is to make a system you can replicate, one that is easy to install for the average DIY’er and one that will provide the power to keep “essentials” running in a grid down scenario.  The 400 Watt Renogy Premium Kit, 1000 Watt Inverter, Batteries from Batteries Plus, a few odds and ends, and a trip (OK, several trips) to the home improvement store gives you a system that takes the guesswork out of solar.  I say “replicate nationwide” because it is one of the issues you will run into when sourcing batteries.  Batteries of this size cannot be shipped via regular carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc) because they are considered hazardous.  This gives you the choice to either have them shipped truck freight, which will cost more than the batteries in some cases, or find them locally.  Hence our choice for Batteries Plus, they are nearly nationwide and carry a great battery for a smaller off the grid system like we put together (the Duracell SLIGC125 6V Golf Cart Battery).  I’d hope to see many folks prepared for power at the end of this series!


Lots of you have asked, so we thought we’d give you a sneak peak at the schematic for the THR Renogy 400W Solar System Wiring Diagram.  Stay tuned for the videos, in the mean time, check this out:

THR Renogy 400W Solar System

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