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Plan On Hunting For Food When SHTF? Think Again!

Hunting For Food When SHTF

Plan On Hunting For Food When SHTF? Think Again!

So your plan is to hunt to provide food for your family in a post collapse scenario?  You may want to reconsider that plan.  Many folks think  they will just step into their back yards and bring home the big haul.  After all, there are wild animals abound on your property, aren’t there?  You may have access to hunting land nearby or may even hunt from your back porch.  You may see a dozen deer every night at dusk traipse by, but this won’t be the case shortly after the grocery store shelves are empty.  Wild game will  become scarce or disappear very quickly in a national grid down scenario.

Most people do not realize is that the population of popular game animals might not be what they think.  In North America it is a rite of passage for many individuals to hunt for White Tailed Deer every fall.  Reports of hundreds of thousands of deer are taken each hunting season in a majority of States in the US.  Behind the scenes is a complex herd management system that carefully controls the populations of these animals.  The surprising fact is there are approximately only 30 million deer living in the United States.  Contrast that with a population of over 300 million people and the issue with relying on hunting for sustenance begins to make sense.  One deer for every 10 people.

A century ago when restrictions on hunting were not in place the deer population had dwindled in some accounts to as low as 300,000 in the US.  Even without the need for sustenance hunting the deer were dangerously close to extinction without proper management.  Consider the America Bison as well.  Once roaming the plains in the tens of millions they were hunted until their population fell to less than 1,000 in the late 19th century.  Some estimates put the Bison population at 50 to 60 million at it’s zenith.  At the time of the wholesale slaughter of Bison the American population was around 40 million.   Both of these situations occurred not from a panicked need for food and the hunt down was perpetrated by a fraction of the population we have today.  Like it or not, the DNR has managed the population to the current size.  If deer and bison were hunted almost to extinction with a far smaller human population, not necessarily relying on hunting for food, what would happen if there was a sudden and true need? Imagine what would happen when people who don’t even get out of their cars to acquire food suddenly find out the supply chain has collapsed.  If they have a gun and an empty stomach they are going to start shooting everything that moves.

A Pile of American Bison Skulls in the 1870's

A Pile of American Bison Skulls in the 1870’s

Some might say, what about wild boar, elk, ducks, etc?  The same is true of these species, there are just over a million Elk, 6 million Wild Boar, and 45 million Ducks.  When put into context, that is a portion of a Deer, a sliver of Elk, and half a Duck for every family in the United States.  Considering the US population consumes 35 million head of cattle a year alone and the weight of the beef consumed exceeds all of these species combined you will quickly realize that relying on hunting is not going to be the best bet for survival.  Which brings me to my next point…

Dairy Farmers and Cattle Ranchers Beware

Once the aforementioned becomes a realization to those that take to the woods to find food, some may quickly realize that the next target of opportunity will be the nation’s farms.  While the farms themselves might be reeling from the effects of a grid down situation themselves they  will soon face dire threats from the population as a whole.  There are far more cattle, pigs, and chickens in inventory on the nation’s farms than there are wild animals. 90 million cattle, 117 million pigs, and almost 2 billion chickens.  The real war for food will be on the farms of the US.  Those that did not prepare will eventually realize that these farms are a pretty easy target. Gone are the days of individual family farms with a few head of cattle, some pigs, a couple dozen chickens and a farmer defending his family and turf.  Most of these animals are concentrated on mega farms scattered across the country.  With the extensive use of automation these farms will probably be lightly defended if at all.  Since most employees  have no skin in the game they will probably be off tending to their own families. It is the small family farmers that I direct this warning, even preppers with a few head of cattle or some pigs and chickens.  You will be a target.  Be prepared.

When these scenarios play out, I don’t want to be a part of either.  It is much easier to stock a fixed position with enough supplies to ride out the melee and have an ironclad plan to defend it.  You have to out think the people you will be competing against.  Put yourself in a position where you won’t even be competing.  You can’t put yourself in their cross hairs.  Wandering around looking for food is a good way to do just that.  The best way is to be ready when it starts.

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