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A Nurse’s Fully Stocked Medical Kit


If you have been prepping for some time, or even if you haven’t, I’m sure your home has a first aid kit. You may or may not remember where you put it depending on how long it has been since you last used it. But do you know what is in your kit? Are you sure you have everything you should have in it? Lets take a look at what a medical professional keeps in their medical kit.

“In my experience, when it comes to first aid kits, people are in one of two categories: 1. “What first aid kit?” They have to run to the store for every little ailment or scrape. Or, they’re in camp number 2. First Aid supplies and OTC medications in every room of the house, with duplicates and multiple open bottles in no organized form or fashion. I happen to be in camp number 2. As a nurse, I know the importance of having things on hand, but I tend to over-stock and then forget where I put the opened package, so I just open a new one when I need something! First, I need to have an organized system for my own supplies. Teaching someone else how to do something is a great way to better yourself and help others at the same time.”

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A Nurse’s Fully Stocked Medical Kit


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