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How To Program The Baofeng UV-5R For Survival Communications


So you’ve got your Baofeng UV-5R and you want to program it. Look no further. Learn here how to program it using the front panel or using Chirp Software. Don’t have one? There are a couple of different flavors of basically the same radio ranging from $29 to $45, check theme out in the links below:
Baofeng UV-5RA
Baofeng UV-5R
Baofeng UV-5R+ 
The Newest Baofeng BF-F8

To program the radio with a PC you will need this USB to Serial Adapter.

One of the radios I have has this antenna to improve range/reception.

A few more programming tips that are not in the video; If you mess up you can always restore your radio to factory default by pressing MENU-40. The radio will then begin speaking in Chinese. To change back to English use MENU-14. Be sure to save your work in the Chirp software when you are finished. If you goof up your radio you can always restore the cloned image. The same with programming multiple radios, you should be able to clone one to the other.

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