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How To Make The Most Out Of Small Solar Systems

It is an exciting time in solar power. Storage is shifting from Lead Acid batteries to Lithium Ion. Panels are appearing everywhere in all shapes, sizes, and forms. What happens when you don’t have the space or funds for a large system? What can you do with smaller solar power systems? It turns out the key is to think differently about how to use them. Check out-

Renogy Phoenix 
Renogy 100W Eclipse Suitcase Panel 

(Modifying the Eclipse probably voids the warranty. They are coming out with a 100W Eclipse suitcase without a charge controller soon, until then you have to use the older 100W suitcase  )
Original Solar Series- https://goo.gl/R6Ew1o
Interesting Drone Story- So, I’ve always wanted to get a drone for the THR. Being that it would primarily be a camera platform, that put me in the $1000 plus category. Well, there is an American company called 3DR that wanted to get in the consumer drone business..long story short..they failed. BUT, the end result was a pretty cool drone that does everything the really expensive ones do, but has been discounted to oblivion, like sub $300.
Check out the 3DR Solo
They also have a package with gimble, backpack, battery, etc

Lastly, for video downlink, you need a go pro

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