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How To Harden Doors, Part 3


If you are just joining the series, please start with the first video in the series, or our Security 101 Video.  In this third part of how to harden doors we tie everything together, answer questions the series has generated, and talk about what type of door I used and some of the extra things that were done to the system.

We talked about a few things in this video-
The door I used 
“Solid” metal and fiberglass doors are barely acceptable

If you use a wood slab door, you will need to drill holes for the deadbolt, handleset, latches, and you will need to route for hinges and latches. I used two products to do this, the Milescraft Door Mortise Kit and the Irwin Door Lock Installation Kit. The Irwin worked just fine, I wasn’t thrilled with the Milescraft kit..then again…I’m not the Wood Whisperer.

Lastly, I really like the Mul-T-Lock, but I cannot afford to put it on all of the doors. That being said, here is an example of a decent ANSI Grade 1 lock from Schlage that will offer minimum kick and tamper resistance.

I also mention the Bosnian Bill lockpicking channel, another advocate of Mul-T-Lock, his channel is entertaining to watch and informative on all things lock.


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