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How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle- Suspension From Down Under


In the last part (if you missed it) of the series, we talked about tires. In this part of the series, we need to make room for the tires and make sure the vehicle’s suspension will be “heavy duty” enough to help carry the additional weight of our bug out gear. The folks at ARB are experts in Overlanding Vehicles, and their Old Man Emu line of suspension components are designed not to “lift” a vehicle, but provide the foundation necessary for the type of vehicle we are creating. In this video we talked about springs, shocks, control arms and sway bar disconnects. ┬áSee below for the links mentioned in the video.

Here are all of the components needed to transform a XJ Cherokee exactly as we did:

ARB– (866) 293-9078
Old Man Emu Front Springs(Pair)
(2)Old Man Emu Front Shock
(2)Old Man Emu Rear Leaf Springs
(2)Old Man Emu Rear Shock
XJ Transfer Case Lowering Kit
U-Bolts (for Chrysler 8.25)
(2) Leaf Spring Bushing
JKS Components– (517) 278-1226
Adjustable Lower Control Arms
Swaybar Disconnects

Hold your horses! The Guide for this series and other vehicles is imminent!

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