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How To Build The Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle- Foundations- What Vehicles Are Good Foundations?


If you missed PART 1, click here.

So, you’ve decided that you want to build yourself a bug out vehicle to get yourself out of Dodge if the fecal matter hits the rotary oscillator. What vehicle do you start with? Well, certain vehicles are definitely better than others, but why? In the second part of the “How to build the ultimate bug out vehicle series”, we talk about a few of the major characteristics of vehicles that make good foundation.

DOWNLOADABLE GUIDE- It will be here in the near future. Why isn’t it here now? This guide is intended to be another tool in the how-to. While we will cover the Cherokee specifically, the guide will cover many other vehicles and allow you to take your pick. It will cover topics we’ve yet to cover in the videos and will promptly appear when we’ve covered those topics. Long story short, stay tuned!

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