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How Not to Get Blisters When Bugging Out.

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It doesn’t matter if you are bugging out on foot, hiking, backpacking, or running, blisters seem to form with ease while doing any of these activities. One blister in the wrong place can bring you to a screeching halt in a hurry. This could spell catastrophe in a bug out or back packing situation. We ran into our fair share of problems when we did a dry run of bugging out on foot. 

Most of us know that proper shoe of boot fitment is very important when it comes to combating blisters on the trail. What we bet you didn’t know is that something as simple as how you tie your shoe has a major effect whether you will get blister or not. Its not just about making sure they are tied tight. While it certainly helps, it all about how you tie them. You know that extra hole that the manufacturer puts so far back you think its useless? Turns out is was placed there for a very important reason after all.


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