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Getting Your Body Ready for SHTF

Getting Your Body Ready for SHTF




Getting Your Body Ready for SHTF.

Steven Stavola

Much has been written about having the things you need in an emergency situation.  You can find articles about gear, food storage, and other necessary skills in many places.  One thing you don’t hear about though is preparing the most important tool – yourself.  (This is a perfect spot for a joke about what a tool I am.)  How your body performs under stress will have more impact on your survival than any amount of gear.  Don’t get me wrong, the right gear will help considerably, however, it won’t help if you can’t walk a mile with your B.O.B.  With that in mind, here are three things to help get your body ready for SHTF.

You might be saying at this point, “Steve, however will we prepare ourselves?”  The first thing to do is put down the Cheezy Poofs and get off the couch.  I’m going to assume that since you’re reading this, you have or will soon purchase a backpack to use as your B.O.B.  If I’m correct, than the easiest thing to do is strap on your backpack and go for a walk.   I recommend starting with only a few of the items from your evacuation kit.  Maybe ten pounds of gear or so, including water.  Try and walk for a mile.  If you have a smartphone, free apps like Runkeeper  will help you track your time and distance.  You can even set up training programs.  If you feel like a dork walking around with your backpack, you can always just say that you’re training for a GoRuck challenge.  Or walk in the dark, but be sure to use one of these if you do.

Another thing you can do is work in the yard.  Spring is approaching, and with it, yard maintenance.    If you’re looking to become more self-sufficient, gardening may be on your list.  According to webMD, gardening and yardwork are good forms of exercise.  Depending on the size of your plot, turning the ground over by hand will be several hours of a whole body workout.  Besides the initial workout, you’ll have a recurring workout every week as you maintain your plot through weeding.  You’ll reap a better functioning body and veggies.  Double Bonus!

Mowing the lawn with a push mower, or better yet one of these, will burn a few hundred calories in an hour.  I’ve used one of these in the past.  If you keep the blades sharp and move at a brisk pace, they cut the lawn pretty well.   You’ll build strength in your legs and shoulders and endurance from mowing every week.  In a prolonged SHTF situation, you may not have electricity or fuel to run a power mower, so a manual option is handy.  You might not want a manicured lawn during that time, but a cleared, grassy space is useful to have.   It can be simply to have a place for your kids to run around or as an outdoor meeting place.

This isn’t meant to be the end-all of prepping fitness, but merely a few suggestions to help you be ready with more than your gear.

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