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Forget Gold and Silver; This is the SHTF Investment you NEED to Make

Forget Gold and Silver; This is the SHTF Investment you NEED to Make

Forget Gold and Silver; This is the SHTF Investment you NEED to Make

History repeats itself, or so we are told, and those in the markets looking for a SHTF investment should stop looking towards gold and silver and consider something else.  We all know you should buy low and sell high.  Even with gold and silver’s recent correction the amount of value it takes to acquire them is still quite high.  As preppers, the reason why we might purchase these precious metals is they are a store of value.  Naysayers often remind me that I can’t eat gold to which I have to admit, I can’t eat gold.  People often forget or overlook a currency of the past that was once traded for gold, ounce for ounce. In this case, it is an ancient currency that you can actually eat, in a sense, salt.

Coarse salt in bowl and a salt grinderSalt is needed for humans to survive on a fundamental level and performs two very important functions.  First, salt regulates the flow of electrons on a cellular level by creating a potential energy difference inside of cells, this is what allows them to conduct electrify.  Without it the nervous and system would cease to function.  Salt also helps cells regulate their size by determining how much water they contain.  It does so through by regulating the osmotic pressure of cells and limits their ability to absorb water.  In short, without salt (more accurately sodium), cells would absorb water until their membranes ruptured, killing the cell.

It is this same principle that allows salt to have its most observable benefit, preserving food.  Until refrigeration there were few methods to preserve meat.  The most common of these was salting.  Salting meats would cause the individual cell’s environment to be over saturated and actually draw water out of them.  More importantly, this saturated salt environment would do the same thing to any living organism, namely microbes and other little nasty’s that spoil meat.  Salting meat creates an over saturated environment where it is impossible for living organisms to survive, thus preserving the meat.

It is said that salt gives life flavor; actually, lots of things are said because of salt.  Salts relationship to currency was so important that we derive the term “salary” was derived from it.  Sal being the Latin root word for salt.  The same is true with the word salad, or “salted dish”.  Salt was so important in the ancient world that cities sprang up near salt mines, roads were built to facilitate its trade and where salt was in short supply it was even traded ounce for ounce with gold.

Beyond salt’s primary biological functions it serves many purposes, sanitation, personal hygiene, laundry, heck, you can even use salt as a fire extinguisher for grease fires.

You have to ask yourself, have I included salt in my preps?  Do I know where to get salt should I run out?  While some attention is paid to the subject, if we were to ever have to revert back to our ancient ways salt would again regain its vital importance to society.  Those that control it would be wealthy, those that didn’t would pay just about anything to get it.  Humans do strange things when their bodies are deprived of such an essential mineral.  Many people in salt poor Africa even sold their children into slavery in trade for salt.  If SHTF salt trade will be of the utmost importance.

So, looking at salt as an investment the buy low sell high methodology certainly applies.  Salt can be purchased for mere pennies a pound.  If society were to collapse, a few hundred (or thousand) pounds of it would be the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket.  Salt can be stored, measured, and divided very easily and therefore it is perfect for barter.  Besides keeping your body essentially functioning and preserving food salt can make you a rich person.  I would suggest placing salt near the top of your list.

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