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Fever Control, Don’t Overdose When The Doctors Are Gone!

Some horrible event has befallen the world.  Doctors and hospitals are a thing of the past.  For better or worse you’ve made it this far but have fallen ill, shivering under every blanket you can scrounge up with a fever close to 105 degrees.  Luckily you are a prepper and stocked up on some medical supplies.  You took 800 mg of Ibuprofen two hours ago and it reduced your fever to 102, but after two hours it is beginning to spike again.  Your mind is drifting towards delusion.  You can’t take another dose for almost 4 hours.  Taking more Ibuprofen would put you at risk for overdose.  Do you risk it?  What do you do?

I found myself in this exact situation a few years back.  Lucky for me I was able to visit a doctor.   Taking very high doses of one medication, especially over time, can and will damage your internal organs.  In my case I was on the third day of the fever and had taken the maximum daily recommended dosage of 3,200 mg for the previous two days.  The solution to a very high fever that does not respond to high doses of one medication is simple but it takes some know how.   Ibuprofen is mostly metabolized in your kidneys.  Other antipyretic drugs like Acetaminophen or Aspirin are metabolized in your liver.  By alternating medications that are metabolized in different organs you can achieve the same results while minimizing the risk of organ damage and overdose.  In my case I was able to keep the fever down to a safer level by taking alternating doses of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen every three hours.  So stock up on more than one kind of fever reducer and keep them rotated.



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