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DIY How To Build A Solar Powered Ham-O-Can Radio Go Box


A little while back, one of the fans on our Patreon page suggested that there wasn’t a good how to on the internet on building a Radio Go Box.  What is a radio go box?  Simply put, it is a radio in some sort of enclosure that is self powered that you can take out into the field for radio communications.  Sensing a challenge, my wheels began to turn.  I decided that I’d take a crack at designing and building a radio go box and turn it into a tutorial that would be as easy as I could make it for others to follow.  Not leaving well enough alone, I also wanted the go box to to be more versatile than others that I have seen.  I also wanted to make several different types to service different modes of communication.

This first go box, or “Ham-O-Can” as I am calling it, is a GMRS radio built into a ammo can.  It uses the Midland Micro Mobile, a really interesting GMRS radio that differs from the usual walkie talkie/HT in that it runs at 5 watts and has an antenna connector instead of a permanent antenna, allowing for much better antennas than the usual rubber duckie (like the N9TAX).  We will be covering the Micro Mobile in another video and also how to make the most out of GMRS.  I also wanted the box to do more.  In the case of this box, it can also charge two simultaneous USB devices as well as a 12 volt device, like the walkie talkies you are communicating to.  I also wanted to have a few options for recharging the device.  The first choice in the field was solar, and it has a charge controller built in to which I’d suggest to charge it with something like the Renogy 20 Watt panel.  But what happens if you wanted to pre-charge it before you leave on an expedition?  You can also charge it with a 12 volt battery charger, or use a male to male cigarette lighter adapter to charge it from your car.

Lastly, I wanted to make it as easy to build as possible.  While this isn’t the absolute easiest project we’ve ever tackled, if you can cut a few pieces of wood, crimp on a few wire connectors, and operate a screw gun, you can probably do it.  Check out this video on how to build your own “Ham-O-Can”.  Below are the links mentioned in the video, the schematics, instructions, templates, and parts list.

Template- scanned to be printed on 8.5″x1″ paper

Template-scanned to be printed on 8.5″x14″ paper

Instructions, Schematics, and Parts List HERE

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