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How To Build Your Own Can Rotating Rack



One of the problems with problems with prepping in a limited space is food rotation. If your shelves look like the picture above, then food rotation is all but impossible. You have to remove the things on the self to put the newer stuff in back. Or you do the delicate dance of trying to reach around everything else to carefully place the new item behind the old without knocking anything over. Well our friends over at Food Storage Made Easy came up with an EASY to make can rotating rack.

“This tutorial is created courtesy of my husband who made me this can rotating rack for a Valentine’s Day gift and agreed to document the process to share with all of you! The great thing about making your own racks is that you can customize the depths to fit your cupboard, and build however many you want for whichever cans you choose to store. Plus they are FREE! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see a video of my new rack in action.”  Read the rest here…How To Build Your Own Can Rotating Rack

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