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Best Prepper Articles Of 2014

15 best prepper articles of 2014

Best Prepper Articles Of 2014

The prepper community is a small segment of the population, the number of prepared bloggers is an even smaller slice of the prepared community.  We recently put a call out to some of our fellow bloggers to submit to us their best prepper articles of 2014.  We felt that although the community might be small, you might not be aware of all of the blogs out there and might miss valuable information.  The following links may keep you busy for a few days, there is lots of information here, so give it a book mark and come back in order to digest all of the great info!


50-emergency-appsPrepared Housewives- 50 Emergency Apps: Turn Your Phone Into A Life Saving Device–   What is the 21st century solution when you don’t know the answer to something?  You consult your phone.  Why not take this a step further and actually prepare your phone for emergencies?  Sometimes seconds count in a crisis.  Having the proper information ready to go can make the difference between a positive and negative outcome.






33prepperprojectsSurvival Sherpa- 33 Awesome DIY Projects For Preppers  Do you want a prepper project to undertake this weekend?  Look no further, from Hobo Stoves to DIY gun camoflauge the Survival Sherpa has it covered in this article.  Right after you are done putting together your cigar fishing kit, you can sit back and enjoy some french fries from the tallow you learned to render.  Lots to see here.






Campfire place with teapot coffeepot and ready to eat buckwheatMelissa Knorris- 11 Ways To Cook Off-Grid Without Power- If the grid goes down we are still going to need to cook.  Whether that be boiling water for a freeze dried meal or that Thanksgiving turkey we harvested in the woods.  Many immediately associate cooking with fire, but that is not always the case.  After reading this article you should be able to whip up a hot meal no matter your situation.






7-things-to-keep-in-your-car-during-winterThe Homesteading Hippy- 7 Things You Need In Your Vehicle For Winter  As the sun wakes up later and signs off earlier it forshadows one certainty, winter.  If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere in June, no big deal.  If your car decides to act up in the middle of a blizzard, you are probably in trouble, unless you are prepared.






Bug-Out-Bag-for-Baby-72-hour-kit-for-baby-Grab-and-Go-Bag-for-Baby-whatever-you-call-it-it-makes-the-best-baby-shower-gift-ever-make-sure-baby-is-prepared-www.homesteadladyThe Homestead Lady- Bug Out Bag List For Baby- Often ignored and rarely written about in rough and gritty survival/preparedness genre is preparing the very little ones for an emergency.  If you have a little one, this article will set you straight on making sure your infant has all of the SHTF tools necessary for survival.






Beef_JerkyPreparing for SHTF- Preserving Meats Without Refrigeration- Preserving meats was a staple of existence from the dawn of man until the last century.  Since, this skill has almost completely vanished from the face of the earth, being replaced by the refrigerator, freezer, and the can.  If you enjoy having meat on your table your only hope is to learn and practice the skills in this article.






5_Stages_New_Preppers_Go_ThroughHomestead Dreamer- The 5 Stages New Preppers Go Through- Are you new to prepping?  Do you know what lies ahead around the next corner in your journey towards self-sufficiency?  If not, this article from Alaska’s Homestead Dreamer will set you on the proper path.






where-you-should-hide-your-foodUrban Survival Site- Where You Should Hide Your Food- If the grid goes down one thing is for certain, the motivating factor behind lots of wrongdoing will be people’s stomachs.  As people begin to starve, their needs will begin to supplant their desires and they will go in search of food.  Those folks might end up at your house.  Don’t make it easy for them, you prepared, they didn’t.  Find some out of the box places to hide your food here.






fireThe 7 P’s Blog- Camp Fire vs. Survival Fire vs. Cooking Fire–  People who find themselves in the woods, whether on a camping trip or cold and lost, are happy to start anything on fire.  Get sophisticated, there are many different ways to build a fire that will serve different purposes.  You wouldn’t take a motorcycle to get groceries, would you?  Sure, you may come back with a few things, but it would be better to bring something with a little more cargo space.  Fires work the same way, one fire will keep you warm, one will efficiently cook your food, and one is best for roasting marshmallows.





40-ways-to-save-money-on-groceries-featuredSurvival At Home- 40 Ways To Save Money On Groceries- When we post a cool piece of prepping gear, whether it be our “Gear of the Mornin'” or just in general, we can always count on 10% of the people commenting “It would be great, but I have no money”.  Well, maybe you are pouring a ton of effort into saving money on groceries, maybe not, but while waiting for a disaster to strike, you might as well do it as frugally as possible.  It might free up some dough for some serious high speed/low drag prepping hardware.  Check out how to save here.





cubanoreganoLil’ Suburban Homestead- Why You Should Grow Cuban Oregano-  Tea, insect repellent, antioxidant, and tacos are some of the reasons you should check out Cuban Oregano.  This little herb can pack a punch on your Mexican dinner or to bug in your gut.






5-discreet-weapons-you-can-carry-almost-anywhereGray Wolf Survival- 5 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry (Almost) Anywhere  Many preppers live in Draconian Nanny States where carrying some real thunder is illegal or at best a trap of pointless laws and nonsense attempting to ensnare law abiding individuals.  News flash, you have a God given right to self-defense.  While you might not be able to utilize the best tools to keep safe, Gray Wolf Survival has put together five great options.






Bug-out-bag-with-rifle-e1400595056925Survival Weekly- 8 Common Bug Out Bag Mistakes- Not everyone takes their bag into the field to find out what works and what doesn’t.  Some folks have no interest in traipsing off into the woods, they wish only to be prepared.  In order to avoid some common bug out bag mistakes, check out this article.






Family-BOB-Intro-smallThe Bug Out Bag Guide- How To Make A Family Bug Out Bag- Putting a bug out bag together for an individual is easy, as far as bug out bags go.  Putting one together for a family has special concerns.  Small members may not be able to carry much gear.  You may want to share the same shelter, which requires a larger bag and a sturdy back.  Much like the members of a military unit have special functions, so does the family unit (and their bag!).






howtohidefromdronesTin Hat Ranch- How To Hide From Drones-  We wouldn’t be called the Tin Hat Ranch if we didn’t share articles on how to stop people from watching and tracking you, would we?  Learn how to hide from drones primary source of detection, the thermal imager.  By chance, this is also the primary form of detection for military and law enforcement, re:  this is how they will find you in SHTF.








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