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5 Dollar Preps – You CAN Afford to Prepare



In a recent conversation with a friend, we were talking about prepping. He is not a prepper. Not because he doesn’t believe he needs to, but he says that he cannot afford it. This is a very common misconception. True, almost no one can run out and purchase everything they would need to survive. The cost would be astronomical. Nonpreppers often get overwhelmed by the costs involved. He shared with me that after a recent chat, he went online and looked at what a years supply of food would cost. It was a staggering amount. He went straight to his favorite search engine to find the answer, and it came back with prepackage survival food buckets. Not exactly a low cost item.

I explained prepping isn’t an all or nothing lifestyle. That he needed to begin with little steps, and over a very short time he would have a nice stockpile of prep’s started. I suggested he forgo buying 2 designer coffees a week and use that money to start buying his families food prep’s. Just buy doing this, he could afford to purchase 2 things a week from the list in the link below.

5 Dollar Preps – You CAN Afford to Prepare

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