Tin Hat Ranch to return in 2019

That’s right folks, after an absence of almost a year, the Tin Hat Ranch is gearing up for 2019. Returning to the Ranch is something I’ve struggled with since the beginning of 2018. A LOT of time was spent researching, writing, and shooting the BIG DATA series…and before I complain, let me thank the loyal …

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Rise of the Machines: How you WILL become a pawn to the likes of Google, Amazon and Facebook

This is a glimpse into the not so distant future. In this video we not only show you what your future will look like, we show you how the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and future unknown actors will control you, whether you like it or not. Your every interaction with society will be recorded …

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How Machines Will Rule You

  Whether you want to participate or not, you will soon experience an existential change to your existence. Machines WILL take a prominent role in determining your future. In this last part 101 (5) of our series, we show you how artificial intelligence, machines, and big data will significantly alter what you know as “reality”. …

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How Big Data Won The 2016 Election

In the 100th part of the How Big Data Will Make The World Unrecognizable, we take a look at how Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 Presidential election using Big Data. That’s right, Donald Trump used something called Psychometrics to beat Hillary Clinton over the head with a big ugly data stick. …

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How Big Data Will Make The World Unrecognizable, Part 11

In part 110 we take a look at the end game of Big Data, converging all types of sensors and data to predict YOUR future. Transcript: So far, what weve described doesnt exist in its entirety in the physical world. A lot of what was described exists in the online world, and some of what …

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It’s Time To Redefine Freedom Of Speech

  What happens when an entity becomes so powerful they control the press?  They simply squelch the voices with which they disagree.  What should happen?  Watch the video.

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How Big Data Will Make The World Unrecognizable, Part 10

In part two of the series we talk about how IoT devices can predict the future and combine with the cloud to “learn” using artificial intelligence. If you missed it, you need to watch part one first. Transcript: Son of a ####, are you kidding me?!  Math?  OK, this is a simple example, but it …

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How Big Data will make your world unrecognizable

It is tough to comprehend how something you can’t see or touch is going to existentially change the human race.  From the way you interact with the world, to economics and politics, big data is going to change your understanding of reality.  Technologies like cloud computing, the internet of things, big data, and fast data …

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The Ranch Is Back!

Sorry for the delay, but we’re back!  Find out the what, where, when and why in the latest video from the Ranch:

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The North Korean Nightmare

It has been four years since we last did an assessment of the military capabilities of North Korea.  Has four years of unhindered advancement  made Kim Jong Un as much a threat to the world as he is to the jelly donut?  Find out in the latest Tin Hat Ranch video:

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