Apr 17

60 Emergency Supplies for a Buck


  In keeping with the theme on our “Budget Bug Out Gear Challenge” we ran across this article from Back Door Survival.  In tough times like these it helps to have a list of the things  for which you don’t have to spend a ton of dough.  Check out this list of $60 dollar store …

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Apr 17

6 Survival Uses for Salt

6 survival uses for salt

At the Tin Hat Ranch, we have an affinity for salt, it’s usually on french fries, but we love it nonetheless.  Salt is necessary for life, it is so important that Roman soldiers were paid their wages in salt.  In fact, the word “salary” is derived from salt.  We wrote an article on the importance …

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Apr 16

21 Projects to Become More Self-Sufficient

21 Projects

  Being Self-Sufficient is a journey.  You don’t go to bed one day dependent and wake up the next at the destination.  Self-sufficiency involves many steps, just like said journey.  Here are 21 great do-it-yourself projects that can help you become self-sufficient one step at a time: 21 Projects to Become More Self-Sufficient     …

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Apr 16

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bugging Out

Well, the “challenge” portion of our Budget Bug Out Gear Challenge is over.  Here are some things that you might never experience if you haven’t strapped your gear on your back (more properly, your hips) and traced your planned route:   You are not going to walk as far as you might think.  Maybe you …

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Apr 14

Budget Bug Out Challenge Update


Thanks to all who followed the progress of the challenge over the weekend, it was fun!  It’s over now, it turned out to be just as much of a challenge to me as it did the gear.  The good news is, everything survived.  Yesterday was in a sense the roughest day.  It started out great, …

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Apr 13

Grayman- Budget Bug Out Challenge Clothing


The clothing for you bug out system is just as important as any other piece of gear.  Clothing is a full time shelter for your body with a few additional twists.  You might see me decked out in camouflage for videos, it is just for “the show”. One thing is for certain, that most certainly …

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Apr 12

Out of Shape? Overweight?- What Might Happen to You in an Actual Bug Out


This is supposed to be a Budget Bug Out Challenge.  A majority of you know that we rounded up a bunch of inexpensive gear (notice I didn’t say cheap) and we are putting it to the test in a three day bug out.  If you have no clue what we are discussing you can start …

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Apr 12

Stuff vs. Skills

Stuff Post Title

So many non-preppers have it stuck in their head that those of us who do prep are a bunch of hoarders who have stocks of food, ammo, and other gear. Those new to the preparedness way of life usually make the mistake of buying all sorts of gear and gadgets that they don’t really need or …

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Apr 11

Bug Out Bag Challenge- What’s in the Bag? Part 2


Yesterday we shared what we would be bringing on our Budget Bug Out Bag Challenge as far as shelter, water, and food.  Today we will take a look at what rounds out the bag. FIRE We generally try to have redundancies for everything and fire is no exception.  The first thing on the list would …

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Apr 10

Raising Chickens 101: The Awkward “Teenage Chickens”

Chickens101 Part2a

In just a few weeks our baby chicks have gone from cute and fuzzy to the chicken version of pimply teenagers. They eat like horses, make messes they don’t clean up, and run around like maniacs. There is not much difference in raising them over this time period with the exception they may need more …

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