10 Ways To Bring Up The Touchy Subject Of Prepping


  Lets face it, many of our friends and family think that prepping is weird. They see those wonderful “prepping” show’s on TV that focus on the cook fringe and think that is what a prepper looks and acts like. If we start to have a conversation about prepping, it almost immediately goes there and …

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45 Survival/SHTF Tips


  Here are 45 quick tips that just might save your behind. Write them down or print them out. If you are like us here at the Ranch, you will only remember 3 if you don’t! Now where did I put me keys… 45 Survival/SHTF Tips    

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16 Tips For Going Off Grid!


  Its something that most of us dream of right. Being almost completely self-sufficient. Putting our hard work and money to work for us instead of for someone else. Growing and making what we need with little outside help. Knowing that if the world outside changes, we will be just fine doing what we do …

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5 Survivor Traits That Make a Prepper Successful


  We all want to be successful. Something really don’t matter weather we are successful or not. Prepping it one area we failure is not an option. There are a myriad of things preppers do in the hopes that they will be successful when the SHTF with no real way of knowing that they will …

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Propane for Preppers – Part One


  A big part of prepping is gaining knowledge. Knowing exactly how to use what is at your disposal and how it can be re-purposed. I’m sure most of us have given at least some thought and effort into how we will heat our homes and cook post SHTF. There may have been some options …

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4 Things You Don’t Want to Overlook When the SHTF


  If your like me, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. You might miss something right in front of you. When I used to work on heavy equipment, I used to stop before I began a job and think about it. I wanted to work smart, not hard for no reason. I …

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Misinformation and Prepping


  Remember when the news reported the news. They reported what happened as unbiased as possible. They used to be able to fit in all of the worlds news in just 2 hrs a day. Now we have “news” channels that run 24/7 that no longer report the news. After all, you have to manufacture …

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Saturday Survival Serial – Week 25

If you are new to the series or have missed any episodes, you can find them all right here! There was a low rumble of conversation going through the group gathered. Jimmy watched with interest to see how things would play out. This was the first gathering of all three camps and while things had …

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How to Make Vodka


  This is a good skill to know now, and could come in quite handy post SHTF as a barter item. Learning how to distill and make any alcohol can be a great asset. Here is a step by step process on how to make your very own Vodka. Now where did I put my …

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Plans Fail → Skills Endure


  We here at the Ranch cannot stress this enough. Learn as many survival skills as you can. Once you have learned them, practice them over and over again so that they become second nature. We are not telling you not to plan. Have a plan of action in place is very important, but there …

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