10 Great Pretend Games to Help Your Children Develop Preparedness Skills


  We all know that teaching our kids to prepare for what ever may come is very important. If you have more than one child, you know they respond to things very differently. We don’t want to scare them into prepping. We want it to be part of normal life and train them in the …

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Keep Your Food Storage Hidden in Plain Sight


    You may have limited room to store all of you preps out of sight. The more things you buy to make sure you are prepared, the less room you have to store them. There are some things we can store right under everyone’s noise that will not draw unwanted attention. Food is one …

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The Tin Hat Ranch List of GIVEAWAYS


We here at the Ranch love to give things away to you good people who enjoy coming here. We try to make sure they are items you can use in getting yourself and you family prepared for what me come. We also do our best to make sure we only give away quality items. Items …

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Saturday Survival Serial – Week 22


If you are new to the series or have missed any episodes, you can find them all right here! Captain and Nate were sitting, unmoving in the brush. Their eyes were intently watching the dirty man come closer and closer to their hiding place. They had traveled South, following tracks of people that had been …

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Sleep as Part of a Preparedness Plan


  Whether you have been a fan of the Tin Hat Ranch for a long time, or you just found us, we are sure you have a preparedness plan. That plan contains a list of items you will need. Maybe your plan has multiple lists, or if you are OCD you may have a list …

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Watch What Happens When Liberals Try Shooting Guns For The First Time

Here is  a interesting little video. I have found a similar reaction from my anti-gun friends if I can get them to come shoot with me. I love the reactions after they pull the trigger for the first time and get the adrenaline rush. Watch the vid below and then leave a comment on our FB …

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12 Surprising Uses for Vicks VapoRub


      If you have small children, or even if you don’t, odds you have a tub of VapoRub in your medicine cabinet. I still use it from time to time even as an adult. If it was used on you when you weren’t feeling well as a kid, just the smell of it now …

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15 Great Shipping Container Homes


  For just around $2,000, the purchase cost of a shipping container, you can be on you we to building your own home. This has to be one of the cheapest ways to get started building a home. The great thing is, with a little ingenuity and some hard work, it doesn’t have to look …

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Visualize The United States Debt


If your like us here at the Ranch, you have friends who just can’t seem to wrap their heads around our national debt. You have tried to explain it 15 different ways, yet they still think we are fine and can pay it back. You need to show them this visual. If they still can’t …

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12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves


  If you have been prepping for a while, you have a list of items you have put together. You most likely have a bug out bag, first-aid kit, food and water stored up. There is one thing for survival you just can not have enough of stored away though, knowledge. The more things you …

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