Testing and Amending Soil Drainage

The temperatures are starting to rise, the daylight is increasing, and most gardeners are itching to get in the dirt and plant seeds and sprouts. One of the things I really learned about between my first and second growing season was how much the soil can change in a winter. It was hard packed and …

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Don’t Come to My House if SHTF

  One of the most common things preppers have to deal with is non-preppers thinking it is acceptable to just show up if the SHTF. They seem to believe that you will just welcome them with open arms and share everything you have worked and sacrificed for and stocked up for you and your family. …

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13 Survival Uses For PVC

PVC…we find uses for it all of the time at the Tin Hat Ranch.  Next to the two by four, PVC is probably prepper’s most useful building material.  Heck, we use it for everything, from chicken feeders to antenna masts (one of the upcoming projects).  Check out this article if you’ve got a few pieces …

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Ditching the Boxed and Canned Foods

Ditch Boxed food

  More people are concerned with all the unpronounceable words (mostly chemicals) that are listed as being in our food. Usually, these are found in store bought, pre-packaged ‘convenience’ foods that are boxed or canned. There is a movement of people who want to get away from the boxed and canned food from the grocery …

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10 Things To Do The Day The Economy Collapses

10 Things Collapse540

  If this day ever comes, we hope you are prepared.  Once the world figures out the gig is up, all heck will break loose.  Those that aren’t preppers will suddenly be keenly aware of the message we’ve been preaching for years.  They will suddenly begin prepping, all at once.  They chose to ignore the …

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Communications Security

comms security

Our ability to disseminate information at this point in history is like non other.  As preppers, we can contact every corner of the world, whether the grid is up or down.  While communications is a great thing, it does have it’s downsides.  While you may help others by sharing information, know that every time a …

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5 Wild Edibles Found Everywhere

Everyone, it seems, wants to know more about wild edibles they can forage for that are easy to harvest and plentiful. What most people don’t realize is that many of the common plants we consider weeds are actually edible. Not only that, they pack a powerful nutritious punch! A lot of people know about using …

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  I am terrible with birthday’s.  I’ve forgotten my own mother’s in years past. So, instead of celebrating the birthday of the Tin Hat Ranch on the proper day, I’m doing it a day late.  Who the heck celebrates a website’s birthday anyways?  Truth be told, I have from time to time given “status of …

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Natural Cordage from the Wild

  In just about everything in life, we take things for granted.  Need some rope?  Head over to ‘depot and pick some up.  In the minds of most of us, we can’t put it together how a plant, like Milk Thistle or Stinging Nettle, can be fashioned into a strong and sturdy rope.  The art …

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4 Life Lessons Learned from Homesteading

We don’t have a traditional homestead. Our garden space is only about 200 square feet of useable area. We are still learning so many things that are considered ‘the basic’ skills needed to be successful on a homestead that is off grid while still incorporating aspects of the modern world into it. Even though we …

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